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Life does not have to “suck!”

Having struggles with the thought of deploying or another round of redeployment, is common and yet not talked about. You are not only dealing with the fact you have to leave your home, but the added stress of deployment itself:

  • Am I going to come back?

  • Will I be able to deal with PTSD?

  • Will I get injured badly enough that I cannot do my job or support my family?

  • How do I deal with the fact that I am the only one left of my squad that survived?

  • Will my loved ones love me still after they find out what I have done?

  • How is this doing to affect my family and children?

You have been a soldier for so long that you do not know how to be anything else. Although you love being a soldier, it has take a personal toll on you at times. Deployment, you are always looking for threats and has become a daily routine. Back home, what was once a simple trip to the store is now a daunting mental struggle to either avoid a crowded area or go in the middle of the night to avoid most people altogether. You are triggered by traffic stupid people, the inability to find joy in anything that is not military-related. You start to feel that this is not what you signed up for.

Sometimes you have doubted your decision for this lifestyle because it has come at a cost. It has cost you possibly your loved ones, your kids, family, friends, major events, or maybe your own individual identity. You have either mistreated your loved ones or they have mistreated you, but you understand that everyone is dealing with a lot of emotional issues. Gravitating to your comfort zone of the military is your norm because the thought of anything else incapacitates you. You want so badly to feel “normal” or at least feel that you can be the person who you once were.


The struggle is real!

So, you fell in love and now you are married/dating a military member. You thought you knew everything about military lifestyle, or at least thought you could handle what life threw at you because you loved your proud soldier. The travel, the security, and the military community support were all factors that were exciting for your future. If there were going to be challenges, you thought “We will get through this together!”

Now, you are struggling to find the energy to support your soldier, your kids, your career, or even performing daily tasks of life. You find yourself alone more thank as a couple. Mistreatment by them and by you is heartbreaking and you may think that your proud soldier, or you, will never get better.

Finding other spouses to trust and share your feelings, seem foreign or uncomfortable. Being emotionally numb is not the answer! Feeling connected to others and being happy is what you strive for. Managing your feelings instead of ignoring them will only help you and your military lifestyle. Feel true joy in the life you are living through finding an emotional healthy path.

Together we can find honest, straight-forward way to change these relentless obstacles into more compassionate moments.


These are confusing times!

Raising kids is already a tough job, but by yourself is more than challenging, it is exhausting. You find your kids sleeping on the floor while you clean, piling in your bed so they are not alone, or even being angry more often, all because they are confused with only one parent available. You don’t want to have an emotional disconnect with your family. You want to build a stronger and better family through a healthy environment, but military families have different dynamics than your civilian friends. Finding a cohesive flow to the daily grind is not for the average ‘joe.’ The family must be resilient and have a tough skin as a military family…so you tell yourself or your children, but all you want to do is scream.

Sometimes the daily grind takes a toll on you, let alone if there is added issues to the mix, such as Autism, behavioral issues, and emotional issues, to name a few. Just when you think nothing else can complicate things, you start getting into the military healthcare system. This does not help the situation at all.

Even hoping that there would be help to navigate through the military healthcare system, you are now exhausted going thru the paperwork or red tape of the healthcare system with Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) or the Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) program. Even the most savvy person will have difficulty with so many things to think about and accomplish to get help needed.

Let us help you with your family dynamics and assist you with navigating through the military healthcare system.