Mission Ready Counseling
No matter what your mission




The struggle is real!

So, you fell in love and now you are married/dating a military member. You thought you knew everything about military lifestyle, or at least thought you could handle what life threw at you because you loved your proud soldier. The travel, the security, and the military community support were all factors that were exciting for your future. If there were going to be challenges, you thought “We will get through this together!”

Now, you are struggling to find the energy to support your soldier, your kids, your career, or even performing daily tasks of life. You find yourself alone more thank as a couple. Mistreatment by them and by you is heartbreaking and you may think that your proud soldier, or you, will never get better.

Finding other spouses to trust and share your feelings, seem foreign or uncomfortable. Being emotionally numb is not the answer! Feeling connected to others and being happy is what you strive for. Managing your feelings instead of ignoring them will only help you and your military lifestyle. Feel true joy in the life you are living through finding an emotional healthy path.

Together we can find honest, straight-forward way to change these relentless obstacles into more compassionate moments.